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Basic Paving Stone Installation

This course designed to provide a basic understanding of all the aspects of a typical paving stone installation and is ideally suited for someone who has little or no knowledge or experience in paving stone installation.…

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Garden/Low Walls, Pillars and Steps

This course covers the basics of creating some of the most common hardscape verticals on residential projects today. In most cases all these features are integrated with each other for a harmonious design. There are 3…

Planters Low_Walls Steps

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Driveway Base Fundamentals

This course is a deeper dive into what the best base options are for a driveway or parking area and how to construct a high performance paving project for vehicular use.

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Driveway Design 2 Hours

Driveway Design

This course covers important aspects of driveway design from scale, proportion and layout. There are 6 lesson segments which make up the course.


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Base Stabilization with DriveGrid

DriveGrid is a triaxial geogrid manufactured for Unilock by Tensar International. It is used to mechanically stabilize pavement base material for roads, parking lots and residential driveways. This course will help the user on how to…

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U-Cara® Installation Basics

This course covers the basics of working and building with U-Cara, North America's most unique and flexible retaining wall system. There are 5 lesson segments which make up the course.

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ONLINE Introduction to Architectural Paving & Segmental Retaining Walls
Paving products comprise an important part of both the functionality and aesthetic of exterior spaces, including urban plazas, streetscapes, walkways, patios, and amenity spaces. This course provides an overview of architectural paving and segmental retaining walls…
ONLINE Outdoor Amenity Space Surfacing Materials and Systems
Over the past few decades, exterior building spaces and roofs have significantly transformed from utilitarian ballasted roof systems to roof systems with highly programmed, environmentally conscious, people-friendly amenities that promote healthier lifestyles. A variety of products…
ONLINE Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement for Stormwater Management
Permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) has the ability to create solid, strong surfaces for pedestrians and a range of vehicular uses; it can help maintain a site’s existing natural hydrologic function and reduce the overall impact…
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